Swiss made – designed and made to last   25th September 2020 Sustainability has always been a priority of Fritschi’s corporate culture and is part of the day-to-day work of the entire team.The careful use of resources begins with the development. The design and the selection of materials are based on durability. Each individual part is manufactured in Switzerland and consists of environmentally compatible high-tech synthetics and high-quality metals. After the assembly in Reichenbach the high-quality products are boxed into reuseable packaging, which is also made in Switzerland. Components of high-quality materials made in Switzerland Long-lasting Products   The innovative Fritschi bindings satisfy the actual needs of touring skiers and are designed to be long-lasting. In the rare event of a defect they can be repaired. The necessary replacement parts are available from specialized retailers for an extended period after the last season the bindings were sold. Careful Use of Resources   Resources have always been used with care in every area of the Fritschi company. Materials that are no longer usable are recycled or environmentally disposed of. The packaging consists of space-saving, reusable boxes. Social Responsibility   Fritschi consistently offers favorable working conditions, occupational safety and social protection. The company also focuses on personal needs and assigns responsibility to each individual job.