60th Anniversary of Fritschi

60th Anniversary of Fritschi 13th October 2020 The company, established in 1960 as a shop for the construction of apparatuses and prototypes by Albert Fritschi, has much cause for celebration. Today, it stands for innovation, functionality and quality in the market for touring bindings. In Reichenbach im Kandertal, Switzerland, our team of 35 is commit-ted to producing alpine touring bindings with the highest functionality and quality. In focus: the needs of touring skiers With the legendary Diamir Titanal, Fritschi integrated the safety, the user comfort and the power trans-mission of alpine bindings into a light touring binding. Other results of frontier spirit and courage are the Vipec Evo and the Tecton. With the exclusive lateral release in front and the alpine heel jaw of the Tec-ton, Fritschi adds the safety and characteristics of alpine bindings for fast downhill runs to the previ-ously climbing-oriented pin bindings. The innovative package of comfort, safety and performance of the light Xenic completes the product range. FT-88: Fritschi’s first touring bind-ing Diamir Titanal: simply legendary Diamir Freeride: for power in down-hill skiing Vipec 12 – The first pin binding with lateral release in front Albert Fritschi established a shop for the construction of apparatuses and prototypes. Production of prototype bindings without walk function at the request of Udo Gertsch, the inventor of the Gertsch plate bindings for alpine skiing Sons Andreas and Christian Fritschi launched model FT-88, their first touring binding. The legendary Diamir Titanal set new standards in the market for touring ski bindings. Fritschi moved into a modern new building located on the main road (Hauptstrasse) of Reichen-bach. The downhill-oriented Diamir Freeride was Fritschi’s fundamental contribution to the ongoing devel-opments. Stefan Ibach was named Managing Director. As part of succession planning, the Nordeck family holding acquired the majority of shares, while Andreas Fritschi and Stefan Ibach continued to remain shareholders. Fritschi introduced Vipec, the first touring binding with lateral release in front, similar to alpine bind-ings. Albert-Fritschi Prototyp Gertsch Bindung Firmengebäude heute Andreas Fritschi (right) und Stefan Ibach: "Fritschi will continue to surprise the community with innovative binding systems."