Care and Storage

Proper maintenance ensures optimal function and increases the lifespan of the bindings.

Protect the bindings against dirt, salt and other harmful effects during transport.

Remove any foreign matter. Wipe off heavy dirt with a damp cloth. If the bindings are washed off with water, there is a risk that grease may be rinsed out.

Lubricate the moving parts and sliding surfaces with commercially available grease.

To protect the bindings from icing up and corrosion, the skis should be stored in a warm, dry room. To release the tension of the springs, set the Easy Switch Toe and the heel unit to the SKI position.

Functional check
Check if stepping in, stepping out, switching from the uphill to the downhill position and vice versa function correctly, if the climbing aid properly locks at every level, and if the stopper opens completely and/or if it remains locked in the uphill position. Tighten any loose mounting screws, if necessary.

Annual binding check
Have the bindings checked and reset, if necessary, by a professional dealer before every new season.

Extend your warranty to 36 months!

You only have to registrate your bindings on our website and you additionally get 12 months of warranty as a gift!

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