The challenging way to become a mountain guide

The challenging way to become a mountain guide 10.02.2022 News article from the Swiss Mountain Guide Association (SBV) From January 11 to 20, 2022, the SBC conducted the avalanche and ski course for aspiring mountain guides in the Schwarzhorn touring area, near Grindelwald-First. Five female and 46 male candidates started the module of the aspirant training at the Berggasthaus First in Grindelwald on January 11, 2022. Nine class instructors as well as five external specialist speakers imparted knowledge to the candidates about avalanches and snow, honed their skiing technique and trained topics on companion rescue. The exceptionally good course was successfully passed by 43 candidates. Two people had to drop out of the course and six did not pass the final exam of the module. The biggest challenge in the Avalanche and Ski module is usually ski technique. Qualified leaderschip. Respect for nature. More safety in adventure. The Swiss Mountain Guides Association represents the interests of mountain guides, hiking guides, climbing instructors and rope access specialists Switzerland and organizes their training and continuing education. For further information, please contact the SBC office: Training, Sandra Fuhrer, Mail, Phone +41 31 370 18 78

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Reliable release

Reliable release 18.11.2021 What is the secret of a reliable release? When choosing a binding, it is important to remember that boot, binding and ski form a system which only functions optimally when its components are perfectly tuned to each other. The binding must release the boot, not only in the event of a fall, but also when strong forces are at play, such as heavy snow or hidden obstacles. At the same time, it should not release too early in case of a quick impact. To prevent chest and face injuries, it is also important that the boot is released at the right time when the skier falls forward. Fritschi integrates cutting-edge technology in all bindings to guarantee a reliable release in any situation. The need-based additional functions achieve almost the same safety standards as alpine bindings. Basic Functions Individual and infinitely adjustable setting of the lateral and vertical release A frontal release is subject to significantly higher forces than a lateral release. Separate mechanisms are required for a release at the relevant settings with appropriately designed, infinitely adjustable springs. Both lateral and frontal release of the Xenic are designed to occur at the heel according to the concept of pin bindings. In this weight category and with separate release system, it is one of a kind. Similar to the concept of alpine bindings, the lateral release of the Tecton and the Vipec Evo occurs in the front, and the frontal release occurs in the back. Reliable release in any situation In downhill skiing the skis will flex. This shortens the distance between toe and heel unit and the boot is jammed in. Sufficient elasticity for the ski keeps the resulting pressure on the system constant, even when the ski is highly flexed, and ensures a defined release in any situation. In all models of the Fritschi bindings, the optimal 10 mm length compensation ensures that the ski will release at the relevant settings, regardless of how much the ski is flexed. Well-timed release of the boot in case of a forward fall In pin bindings the boot tips forward after a release, while still being held in the frontal unit. The system will not completely release the boot at the front unless the nose of the boot applies pressure to the release lever. A well-timed release of the boot prevents injuries to chest and face. In all models of the Fritschi bindings, the boot is released at an angle from 65° on depending on the shape of the boot’s front, via the release lever. Secure hold in downhill skiing without blocking In practice, pin bindings are frequently blocked in downhill skiing to prevent an unwanted release. Since the binding is then unable to [...]

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Insights into the production of Fritschi

Insights into the production of Fritschi Roger Liechti, our Production Manager, takes you on a tour of the production facility in Reichenbach in the Bernese Oberland. In the video, he shows the team assembling the new Tecton free-touring-binding Tecton. The Tecton Powder fans will be impressed with the new Tecton due to a better downhill performance. Even on the steepest slopes, Tecton provides a secure hold and only releases if necessary. It is just as strong on the ascent. The light weight and easy operation make all powder slopes effortlessly accessible. Team spirit The Tecton is the result of the team spirit and the great commitment of the entire Fritschi family. At home in the Swiss mountains Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, we live our dream on ski tours. Our ideas for new products come from this world. By acting responsibly, we take care of nature so that it will remain intact for a long time to come. Swiss Made Sustainability has always been a vital part of Fritschi’s corporate culture and accompanies the work of the entire team, day after day. The careful use of resources begins with the development and continues throughout the entire value-added process. Construction and selection of materials are designed for a long service life. The individual parts are made in Switzerland by the eco-friendly processing of high-tech plastics and high-quality metals. After assembly in Reichenbach, the first-class products are packed into recyclable cardboard boxes, also from Switzerland.

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Realizing a dream in 36.000 seconds

June 23rd, 2020 Do you have a dream? Something you want to experience? What's stopping you from achieving your dream? What prevented me from doing my dream of paragliding from the summit of Mont Blanc (4808m) ? In the beginning, I wasn't sure if my dream was too big. Then I either didn't have time, the wind wasn’t right, or the partners didn't fit. I get the lasagna out of the oven as we check the weather report for the next week. "It looks like low winds at altitude. Are you keen for some altitude climbing?" Tommy Friedrich asks me. More as a joke, I say, "Mont Blanc in one day with our gliders?” "Ok, I'm in.” Um, yeah. Wait a minute. What? I didn't expect him to say that. I think about it for a second and have to grin. "Should we really?" I ask. "I mean, we are completely unacclimatised." We discuss, check various weather reports and decide: Mont Blanc, here we come. Do you know that feeling? You commit to something, you're fully motivated... but still not sure if it's a good idea. That's how I felt when we arrived at the parking lot in Les Houches in the Chamonix valley. We’d driven straight from Innsbruck (Austria) to Chamonix (France), and are now at the starting point of the Gouter route on Mont Blanc. We’re only 1,000 meters above sea level. There are 3,800 meters of elevation ahead of us! I have no idea if I've ever walked that many vertical meters in one go. "Maybe you'd better not think about that now," I think to myself, "you'd better concentrate on taking everything important with you." We pack our paragliders, rescues and harnesses. We check the glacier equipment, then take enough food and drinks with us. When we're done, we grin at each other. Somehow this is all surreal. I mean, just a minute ago we were eating lasagna and less than seven hours later, we're standing in Chamonix; ready to get a little closer to my personal dream. The dream that has been in my head for several years. We start at 11 pm in Les Houches. The early (or late!) start is to ensure we have enough time to walk through the night and arrive at the summit in the morning, hopefully able to fly down. I like to move at night - you can wonderfully indulge your thoughts and you always feel much faster then you are. The further up we get, the more beautiful the starry sky becomes. Below us shines the sea of lights of Les Houches, and in the distance the lights of Chamonix can be seen. We pass the Tete Rousse hut, which is the first base for aspiring Mont Blanc mountaineers. Slowly the hut comes to life, the first climbers just getting up. But we have already been on the road for a few hours. I have to smile [...]

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Easter Ski Tour in Bivio instead of the Arc of the Alps

Easter Ski Tour in Bivio instead of the Arc of the Alps 15.04.2021 The long-term goal of our touring group is to cross the so-called Alpenbogen (the arc of the Alps) on skis. We already trekked from Nice to Chamonix in five one-week legs. Last year, we had already planned to continue in the direction of Vienna and cross the Ötztal Alps from Reschenpass in a first week of ski touring. From there it would take another seven one-week trips to reach Vienna! Unfortunately, the lockdown put a stop to our plans and this year we had to postpone the starting date yet again. At least we were fortunate enough to go ski touring in Switzerland. We explored the ski touring Eldorado of Bivio on the Julier Pass and stayed in the venerable Hotel Post. Copyright for all images: Christian Jäggi Text: Michael Wicky from bergpunkt Fred Bernard Bivio – ski touring at your discretion The weather gods were good to us. Before our vacation started the weather was stormy and the temperatures were arctic. On the first day we found out what it’s like to take a ski tour at 15°C below and with 50 km winds. But the upshot is that we were outside and the skin peeling was free. The weather on the following days was fantastic and we enjoyed epic powder every day. For the grand finale, we changed from powder directly to spring slush and skied 1000 altitude meters down to Lake Sils in the Engadin Valley. Bivio is just one gem out of bergpunkt’s extensive touring program Bergpunkt is one of Switzerland’s leading mountain training centers. Options include ski touring, Alpine touring, Alpine and glacier trekking, and ski touring travel at all levels. bergpunkt is also known for its modular training program for everyone, from beginners to solo mountaineers, and includes trial and introductory courses in ski touring.The cooperation with Fritschi provides free access to the ski touring material for the guests. Fritschi Tecton and the author of this blog Michael Wicky (left) established bergpunkt together with Emanuel Wassermann (right) in 2000. Wicky is the CEO of bergpunkt and an active mountain guide. In Bivio he used the Fritschi Tecton bindings. He particularly appreciates the step-in comfort and the exceptional safety of the release. Now he is eager to find out what the updated version of this binding can do. It will be on the market in the winter of 2022! The new Tecton with even more character In the 2021/22 season, the technically enhanced Tecton power package will be available with a new compelling design. The well-defined combination of power and functionality demonstrates the sophisticated technology it contains, down to the last detail. More information will be available in June 2021 at

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With the E-MTB to the skitour

Hans Christian Hocke rides the E-MTB to the ski tour easily and environmentally friendly 18th March 2021 Hans Christian Hocke is a member of the Fritschi mountain guide and athlete team. His home is in the region around Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden, and as a state-certified mountain and ski guide, he is often found climbing or ski touring in his private life as well. For the past two years, he has been riding his E-MTB to the starting point for a ski tour on his local mountain, the Hochfelln. In this way, the snow can be reached easily and effortlessly via a forest road, especially in this age of high snow limits. But he also simply enjoys playing with the powder snow on his bike. Photo copyright: Photographer: Christoph Bayer For beginners, it is very important to correctly assess the requirements and the difficulty of the ski tour. Even with an e-bike, a longer journey along a steep forest road could be strenuous, and the descent can be dangerous in icy condi-tions. It is therefore advisable to start with an easy ski tour in the beginning.auszuprobieren. The ski touring outfits and helmets are also ideally suited for the return jour-ney by bike, possibly supplemented with thermal trousers for the descent in cold temperatures. A strong combi-nation lock with a long chain allows you to secure your valuable vehicle to a tree or fence during the ski tour. It is also important to show consideration for each other on the bike as well as on the ski tour, paying attention to the important nature conservation aspects. Weblink Hans Christian Hocke Hans Christian Hocke on Instagram

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The Alps are my office – Fred Berner – pro skier

We invite you to share in his high-altitude world, accompanied by the Tecton and the Xenic. 01.03.2021 The pro-skier and alpinist from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc started out in photography 20 years ago in front of the lens as a model for specialist photographers in the realm of the mountains and adventure. He learned about good timing, the right lighting and adapting to the situations required. As a high mountain guide for photo shoots and films for the major brands, stage by stage, he finds sites and manages safety on the mountain. Copyright für alle Aufnahmen: fred bernard-photo Fred Bernard Since 20 years “I started using Fritschi bindings 20 years ago, and these last few years I have skied a great deal using Tecton for freeriding and Xenic for steep slope skiing and for my various movements at high altitude.The two models provide an exceptional skiing experience and they are the only pin bindings to offer such safety. On steep slopes, I am a real fan of how easy they are to put on, and the optimised weight of Xenic. I also use this model on my long skiing days off-piste, giving me the opportunity to ski where I see fit.” Reliable companion My work consists of being a high mountain guide and photographer, and the ease of use of Xenic is a great advantage for me. I can put them on and take them off quickly. Xenic makes it possible to move around rapidly and with ease in this terrain, as well as on the most remote summits of the wild valleys of the Alps and throughout the world. They are extremely reliable. Skier: Eli Waga Xenic for the long free-fouring days / Tecton in most extrem terrain On steep slopes, I am a real fan of how easy they are to put on, and the optimised weight of Xenic. I also use this model on my long skiing days off-piste, giving me the opportunity to ski where I see fit. I use Tecton on the most extreme terrain where my skiing becomes very instinctive and more powerful – jumps, high speeds, powdery or hard snow – all on wide free ride skis; it is all very enjoyable. Thanks to the option of taking them off from the front or back using this fixing, or the blocking setting at the front, I feel really safe in these terrains, where a fall is to be avoided at all costs. The Alps are my office, and the mountains of the world are my domain. I love being in the great white outdoors. Climber: Jérôme Blanc-Gras Snowboarder: Marion Haerty

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Ski touring and freeride impressions from the Caucasus and the Altai mountains

Ski touring and freeride impressions from the Caucasus and the Altai mountains 29th December 2020 With Flory Kern / Ski and mountain adventurer and Fritschi Swiss partner on ski and free tours for over 20 years. Whether against the backdrop of the imposing 5,000-metre peaks in Swanetia, the lovely slopes of the Goderdzi pass in the Lesser Caucasus or the endless expanse of the Altai mountains in Siberia, all regions promise unforgettable skiing experiences. To other adventures with Flory Kern Ski tours in the Altai Deep in the Altai mountains, in a hidden val-ley that can only be reached by the Trans Si-berian Railway, the best powder conditions prevail from the beginning of November. In the Altai, the ski touring season starts as early as October, and by December, there are regu-larly over three metres of snow. Dreamlines in Swanetia The highest mountains in Europe make a trip to this remote region a unique experi-ence. The Caucasus giants, over 5000 me-tres high, are always in view. While the fin-est powder can be found on the northern flanks of the 30-kilometre-long Laila moun-tain range, the southern sides below the landmark of Swanetia, the Ushba, are cov-ered with granular ice already at noon in mid-March. Freetouring at the Goderdzi pass During the winter months, westerly winds drive intense low pressure over the Black Sea. The main ridge of the Lesser Caucasus with the Goderdzi pass forms a wall with the over 3000 metres high mountains, so that all the lows get stuck here which results in heavy snowfall. In normal winters, the snow is 3-4 metres deep in January. Flory Kern about the Tecton For me the Tecton 12 ist the best choice because of the power transmission and safety similar to alpine bindings and the ease of operation. More about Tecton

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Xenic 10 – absolutely different!

Xenic 10 – absolut anders! 10. November 2020 Das leichte Gewicht, der einfache Einstieg sowie die praktische Bedienung machen die Xenic zur äusserst agilen Begleitung auf Skitouren in jedem Gelände. Während der Abfahrt stellt die hohe Elastizität für den Ski über einen Längenausgleich von 10 mm die zuverlässige Auslösung bei eingestellten Kräften sicher. Die innovative Fronteinheit gibt vorne sicheren Halt und hinten sorgt die extrem breite Abstützung der Ferse für eine leichte Führung der Ski. Innovative Lösungen bei nur 280 g / Einheit Innovative Fronteinheit für einen sicheren Halt in der Abfahrt ohne zu blockieren. Zuverlässige Auslösung über einen Längenausgleich von 10 mm für den durchgebogenen Ski Ausserordentlich breit abgestützte Ferseneinheit für eine direkte Kraftübertragung Ohne Blockieren: Sicherer Halt in der Abfahrt Die Pin-Hebel der innovativen Fronteinheit verschieben sich horizontal und absorbieren so vertikal wirkende Kräfte. Ungewollte Auslösungen durch Schläge von unten werden verhindert, ohne dass man das System während der Abfahrt blockieren muss. Transfert direct des forces - conduite aisée des skis Die Kraft wird direkt über den in der kompakten Ferseneinheit integrierten Core Tower auf den Ski übertragen. Der grosse Durchmesser des Core Tower ermöglicht die breiteste Abstützung des Systems in der Kategorie. Zuverlässige Auslösung gibt Sicherheit in jeder Situation Die Elastizität für den Ski von 10 mm über einen Längenausgleich sorgt für konstanten Druck auf das System auch bei starker Durchbiegung des Skis. Dadurch wird eine zuverlässige Auslösung zu den eingestellten Werten in jeder Fahrsituation gewährleistet. Das sagen,, Lee Lau on Snowbrains und zur Xenic.

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Sicherheit Pin-Bindungen

Safety pin bindings 7th November 2020 With pin bindings it’s easy to climb uphill, but not every model is equally equipped for downhill skiing. Especially the safety aspects vary. When choosing a binding, it is important to remember that boot, binding and ski form a system which only functions optimally when its components are perfectly tuned to each other. The interaction between boot and binding is particularly relevant to safety. Basic Functions Sufficient length compensation Sufficient length compensation for the ski is a fundamental necessity for every safety release. A consistent release based on the settings can only be assured if the binding provides compensation in every situation, even when the ski is flexed. 10 mm length compensation Separate springs for lateral and front release Separate and infinitely adjustable setting of lateral and frontal release Another safety-relevant function is the separate and infinitely adjustable setting for lateral and frontal release. Without these basic functions, even checking the release settings with a standardized instrument will not provide any additional benefit. Important additional functions Long dynamic travel Just as important as a reliable release when needed is the prevention of pre-release. High elasticity, i.e. long dynamic travel for the boot until it is released, combined with maximum resetting forces prevent a pre-release, also for ski touring bindings. Dynamic travel of 13 mm for lateral release Release of the boot from 65° Frequently overlooked: release of the boot at the right time With pin bindings the boot will tip forward after the release in case of a head-on fall, while still being held by the front unit. The system will ultimately release the boot in the front when the toe applies pressure to the opening lever. The release of the boot at the right time prevents chest and facial injuries. Checking the DIN settings with a ski binding adjustment and testing device The settings of all of Fritschi’s pin bindings can be checked with a adjustment and testing device. The important basic functions which ensure a reliable release while skiing under the dynamic effects of force are integrated in all models. With additional functions, depending on the model, the safety pin system achieves nearly the same safety standard as an alpine binding. More information to safety functions.

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Swiss made – designed and made to last   25th September 2020 Sustainability has always been a priority of Fritschi’s corporate culture and is part of the day-to-day work of the entire team.The careful use of resources begins with the development. The design and the selection of materials are based on durability. Each individual part is manufactured in Switzerland and consists of environmentally compatible high-tech synthetics and high-quality metals. After the assembly in Reichenbach the high-quality products are boxed into reuseable packaging, which is also made in Switzerland. Components of high-quality materials made in Switzerland Long-lasting Products   The innovative Fritschi bindings satisfy the actual needs of touring skiers and are designed to be long-lasting. In the rare event of a defect they can be repaired. The necessary replacement parts are available from specialized retailers for an extended period after the last season the bindings were sold. Careful Use of Resources   Resources have always been used with care in every area of the Fritschi company. Materials that are no longer usable are recycled or environmentally disposed of. The packaging consists of space-saving, reusable boxes. Social Responsibility   Fritschi consistently offers favorable working conditions, occupational safety and social protection. The company also focuses on personal needs and assigns responsibility to each individual job.


Partnership with mountaineering schools

Ski touring takes skill - The first ski tour in the Wildstrubel area 26th October 2020 There is nothing like a ski tour in the great outdoors. To make sure that the days in the mountains are perfect, some concerns need to be considered. Being aware of potential dangers, particularly in the high mountains, is just as important as the proper handling of the extensive equipment and recognizing one’s own capabilities with respect to fitness and skiing skills. A mountain guide provides optimal support to those who are new to the world of ski touring. Fritschi has been a partner of numerous mountaineering schools for many years. These offer training courses at various levels and more, including skis with touring bindings and skins, depending on the situation. Skipool Bergschule Berg und Tal Skipool Bergschule Höhenfieber On the way to Lämmeren Hut     Before heading up to Lämmeren Hut, the starting point for awesome ski tours in the Wildstrubel area, the touring bindings are expertly adjusted and set at Sport Müller in Reichenbach. The group spends four days there with a mountain guide from the Berg und Tal or the Höhenfieber mountaineering schools to learn the basics of ski touring. Berg + Tal / Höhenfieber plus Fritschi Vipec Evo 12   The Berg + Tal and Höhenfieber mountaineering schools are relying on the Vipec Evo 12 because of its reliable release, the effortless step-in and the exceptionally easy operation.

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60th Anniversary of Fritschi

60th Anniversary of Fritschi 13th October 2020 The company, established in 1960 as a shop for the construction of apparatuses and prototypes by Albert Fritschi, has much cause for celebration. Today, it stands for innovation, functionality and quality in the market for touring bindings. In Reichenbach im Kandertal, Switzerland, our team of 35 is commit-ted to producing alpine touring bindings with the highest functionality and quality. In focus: the needs of touring skiers With the legendary Diamir Titanal, Fritschi integrated the safety, the user comfort and the power trans-mission of alpine bindings into a light touring binding. Other results of frontier spirit and courage are the Vipec Evo and the Tecton. With the exclusive lateral release in front and the alpine heel jaw of the Tec-ton, Fritschi adds the safety and characteristics of alpine bindings for fast downhill runs to the previ-ously climbing-oriented pin bindings. The innovative package of comfort, safety and performance of the light Xenic completes the product range. FT-88: Fritschi’s first touring bind-ing Diamir Titanal: simply legendary Diamir Freeride: for power in down-hill skiing Vipec 12 – The first pin binding with lateral release in front Albert Fritschi established a shop for the construction of apparatuses and prototypes. Production of prototype bindings without walk function at the request of Udo Gertsch, the inventor of the Gertsch plate bindings for alpine skiing Sons Andreas and Christian Fritschi launched model FT-88, their first touring binding. The legendary Diamir Titanal set new standards in the market for touring ski bindings. Fritschi moved into a modern new building located on the main road (Hauptstrasse) of Reichen-bach. The downhill-oriented Diamir Freeride was Fritschi’s fundamental contribution to the ongoing devel-opments. Stefan Ibach was named Managing Director. As part of succession planning, the Nordeck family holding acquired the majority of shares, while Andreas Fritschi and Stefan Ibach continued to remain shareholders. Fritschi introduced Vipec, the first touring binding with lateral release in front, similar to alpine bind-ings. Albert-Fritschi Prototyp Gertsch Bindung Firmengebäude heute Andreas Fritschi (right) und Stefan Ibach: "Fritschi will continue to surprise the community with innovative binding systems."

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