Insights into the production of Fritschi
Roger Liechti, our Production Manager, takes you on a tour of the production facility in Reichenbach in the Bernese Oberland. In the video, he shows the team assembling the new Tecton free-touring-binding Tecton.

The Tecton
Powder fans will be impressed with the new Tecton due to a better downhill performance. Even on the steepest slopes, Tecton provides a secure hold and only releases if necessary. It is just as strong on the ascent. The light weight and easy operation make all powder slopes effortlessly accessible.

Team spirit
The Tecton is the result of the team spirit and the great commitment of the entire Fritschi family.

At home in the Swiss mountains
Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, we live our dream on ski tours. Our ideas for new products come from this world. By acting responsibly, we take care of nature so that it will remain intact for a long time to come.

Swiss Made
Sustainability has always been a vital part of Fritschi’s corporate culture and accompanies the work of the entire team, day after day. The careful use of resources begins with the development and continues throughout the entire value-added process. Construction and selection of materials are designed for a long service life. The individual parts are made in Switzerland by the eco-friendly processing of high-tech plastics and high-quality metals. After assembly in Reichenbach, the first-class products are packed into recyclable cardboard boxes, also from Switzerland.