Easter Ski Tour in Bivio instead of the Arc of the Alps


The long-term goal of our touring group is to cross the so-called Alpenbogen (the arc of the Alps) on skis. We already trekked from Nice to Chamonix in five one-week legs. Last year, we had already planned to continue in the direction of Vienna and cross the Ötztal Alps from Reschenpass in a first week of ski touring. From there it would take another seven one-week trips to reach Vienna! Unfortunately, the lockdown put a stop to our plans and this year we had to postpone the starting date yet again. At least we were fortunate enough to go ski touring in Switzerland. We explored the ski touring Eldorado of Bivio on the Julier Pass and stayed in the venerable Hotel Post.

Copyright for all images: Christian Jäggi
Text: Michael Wicky from bergpunkt

Fred Bernard

Bivio – ski touring at your discretion

The weather gods were good to us. Before our vacation started the weather was stormy and the temperatures were arctic. On the first day we found out what it’s like to take a ski tour at 15°C below and with 50 km winds.

But the upshot is that we were outside and the skin peeling was free. The weather on the following days was fantastic and we enjoyed epic powder every day. For the grand finale, we changed from powder directly to spring slush and skied 1000 altitude meters down to Lake Sils in the Engadin Valley.

Bivio is just one gem out of bergpunkt’s extensive touring program

Bergpunkt is one of Switzerland’s leading mountain training centers. Options include ski touring, Alpine touring, Alpine and glacier trekking, and ski touring travel at all levels. bergpunkt is also known for its modular training program for everyone, from beginners to solo mountaineers, and includes trial and introductory courses in ski touring.

The cooperation with Fritschi provides free access to the ski touring material for the guests.

Fritschi Tecton and the author of this blog

Michael Wicky (left) established bergpunkt together with Emanuel Wassermann (right) in 2000. Wicky is the CEO of bergpunkt and an active mountain guide.

In Bivio he used the Fritschi Tecton bindings. He particularly appreciates the step-in comfort and the exceptional safety of the release.

Now he is eager to find out what the updated version of this binding can do. It will be on the market in the winter of 2022!

The new Tecton with even more character

In the 2021/22 season, the technically enhanced Tecton power package will be available with a new compelling design. The well-defined combination of power and functionality demonstrates the sophisticated technology it contains, down to the last detail.

More information will be available in June 2021 at fritschi.swiss.