Ski touring with safety and comfort

Safe and easy – from the time you step in to the very last turn

With Evo it’s not only much easier to step in, it’s also more comfortable and safer to ascend. Dynamic and safe skiing included, of course. User-friendly innovations, such as the solid stop for easy step-in, lateral release at the toe, practical handling and the stable, non-turning heel unit make every ski tour perfect.

Swiss made

All parts are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach. After the assembly, every binding undergoes a meticulous quality control process, including a functional test.

  • Lateral front release with DIN setting and 13 mm elasticity
  • Emergency release when climbing
  • New easy step-in
  • Complete easy handling package
  • Solid, non-turning heel

This is how much safety, comfort and power weigh in ski touring.

The right mix of light high-tech synthetics and high-quality metal alloys provides superior stability at a low weight.

DIN 5 – 12
Ski width > 70 mm
Weight 500 g / unit without ski brake
Options standard ski braked for ski widths 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mm
80 g / unit

Subject to technical changes.

Customized according to each skier’s personal taste

The design is a mixture of power and finesse and underscores the performance of the light-weight construction. With the replaceable Color Clips the binding can be matched to the color of the skis or the boots according to the skier’s personal taste.

The data apply to ski width in mm. Subject to technical changes.

Crampon Traxion
Crampons with adjustable penetration depth.
90 / 100 / 115

Frame ski brake

Only the brake frame is replaced, if necessary. The mechanism is reusable.
80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120

Safety strap
Must be used in combination with brake!

Safety first

Minimizing the risk of injury

In skiing, significant forces are acting on material and body. The prompt release based on the preset values, a defined release, and the prevention of unwanted releases help to reduce injuries to a minimum.


Lateral release
Release Lever
Emergency release

Safety is well served

Comfort is not a luxury in ski touring

The easy step-in and the very simple handling provide security, especially in challenging terrain.


Solid stop

Power transmission made easy

Precise and safe control of skis

Today’s touring skis and boots allow a considerably more dynamic style of skiing and the Vipec Evo is the right binding for this. Like alpine bindings, it is equipped with a solid non-turning heel and ensures in the back, where the highest forces are acting in downhill skiing, an optimal traction.


Non-turning heel