The most comfortable alternative to a pin binding

Natural rolling on the ball of the foot

The Eagle 12 is the jaw binding with the best walking comfort and in addition to excellent touring performance it offers the easy handling of an alpine binding.

Swiss made

All parts are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach. After the assembly, every binding undergoes a meticulous quality control process, including a functional test.

Compared to jaw bindings with:

  • Superior walking comfort
  • High lateral stability when climbing
  • Easy use
  • Activating crampons

Compared to pin bindings with:

  • Easy step-in and effortless use
  • Safety release similar to alpine bindings
  • Versatile use with touring and alpine boots
DIN 4 – 12
Ski width >67 mm
Weight 890 g/unit without ski brake
Position height 39 mm from the top edge of the ski
Ski brake standard 80 / 90 (weight 100 g / unit)
Ski brake accessories 80 / 90 / 100 / 115
SM: 260–315 mm
ML: 285–340 mm
XL: 330–365 mm

Subject to technical changes.

The data apply to ski width in mm. Technical changes are reserved.

Axion Crampons
Activating crampons

With the Axion crampons, the days of precarious mounting manoeuvers in difficult terrain are a thing of the past. Since the Axion is fastened to the binding before the tour starts it is ready to be used at any time. It can conveniently be activated with a ski pole, as needed, without having to step out of the binding and therefore ensures solid support. It is just as easy to deactivate when it is no longer required. The innovative, effective metal part with teeth offers far more support, comfort and safety than conventional crampons.

Available options: 86/110

Ski brake
The ski brake has been developed especially for the Safety Alubar System. It is an important part of the equipment, which is geared towards the greatest possible safety.

Available options: 80/90/100/115

Safety leash-To prevent loss of ski
Must be used in combination with ski brake!

Real added value for the user

For Fritschi, safety and customer service are always the first priority.
Consequently, the optimal ratio of safety – performance – weight is the first priority.

Power transmission




Durable quality due to premium materials and meticulous workmanship: The Safety Pin System is TÜV certified and fulfills the DIN ISO norm 13992 for touring bindings and is compatible with most touring ski boots of all brands.