Ski touring and freeride impressions from the Caucasus and the Altai mountains

29th December 2020

With Flory Kern / Ski and mountain adventurer and Fritschi Swiss partner on ski and free tours for over 20 years.

Whether against the backdrop of the imposing 5,000-metre peaks in Swanetia, the lovely slopes of the Goderdzi pass in the Lesser Caucasus or the endless expanse of the Altai mountains in Siberia, all regions promise unforgettable skiing experiences.

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Ski tours in the Altai

Deep in the Altai mountains, in a hidden val-ley that can only be reached by the Trans Si-berian Railway, the best powder conditions prevail from the beginning of November. In the Altai, the ski touring season starts as early as October, and by December, there are regu-larly over three metres of snow.

Dreamlines in Swanetia

The highest mountains in Europe make a trip to this remote region a unique experi-ence. The Caucasus giants, over 5000 me-tres high, are always in view. While the fin-est powder can be found on the northern flanks of the 30-kilometre-long Laila moun-tain range, the southern sides below the landmark of Swanetia, the Ushba, are cov-ered with granular ice already at noon in mid-March.

Freetouring at the Goderdzi pass

During the winter months, westerly winds drive intense low pressure over the Black Sea. The main ridge of the Lesser Caucasus with the Goderdzi pass forms a wall with the over 3000 metres high mountains, so that all the lows get stuck here which results in heavy snowfall. In normal winters, the snow is 3-4 metres deep in January.

Flory Kern about the Tecton

For me the Tecton 12 ist the best choice because of the power transmission and safety similar to alpine bindings and the ease of operation.

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