I used Tecton 12 all the ’18 winter season, approximately more than 100 days of ski. Combined with Scott Scrapper 115, I skied with Tecton almost everything: freeride runs, heliski trips, steep lines and short touring trips. Tecton 12 is a great binding and I trust it 100%

What I like of Tecton 12 is that it is a super solid binding but at the same time light. It is so important to be flexible in the mountains and be ready for every kind of adventure: Tecton 12 allows me to be ready for every kind of adventure every day, without the need to change gear.

Tecton 12 helps you to reach your peak of performance, taking care of your safety. With Tecton 12 you can have full control on the ski on powder or crust. The step-in is ultra fast and the feedback from the ski trough the binding is very accurate. The release of the boot if fast and precise.
Moving from downhill to uphill mode is very intuitive and easy.
Can’t ask for more.