Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings

In Reichenbach im Kandertal, Switzerland, our team of 35 is committed to producing alpine touring bindings with highest functionality and quality. The high-tech products are sold worldwide through our own distribution and service network. The value chain is created almost entirely in Switzerland, while 85% of the products are exported. The company, established by Albert Fritschi in 1960 for apparatus and prototype engineering, turned its focus to the development of ski bindings in the late 1970s under the leadership of the Fritschi brothers, Andreas and Christian. To ensure long-term continuity, the company was integrated into the Nordeck Group in 2009.

The right companion

What you need for a perfect day is the right companion, especially in the mountains. Fritschi ski touring bindings establish a safe and reliable connection between boot and ski and offer optimal support on any ski tour.

The Brand Fritschi

For almost 40 years, Fritschi has given new impetus to the touring world with a lot of innovation.
Fritschi stands for safety, innovation, functionality and Swiss quality.

Swiss Innovation

Innovation is our passion. It is rooted in the mountains of the Swiss Alps with their breathtaking peaks and valleys, rough and rugged, peaceful and lovely. This is where we are when we are not at work, outside, on skis, living our dream.

This is the world where ideas are born from which we ultimately develop patented inventions to build a solid foundation for technical innovations: technology adding real value for the user.

Swiss Engineering

Fritschi bindings are light-weight systems offering the greatest possible safety in addition to an easy, ergonomic climbing technique and precise and agile control to ski downhill.

Our team of professional engineers and technicians works tirelessly with deep commitment and attention to detail on the development of optimal technical solutions. As result, new outstanding products are created.

Swiss Manufacturing

At our headquarters in Reichenbach in the Bernese Oberland the components are efficiently assembled by skilled hands, part by part, to create the high-quality product we are known for.
Before the bindings leave the assembly hall, each one is meticulously tested for safety and function with specially designed test equipment.

All components are made in Switzerland.