Safety pin bindings

7th November 2020

With pin bindings it’s easy to climb uphill, but not every model is equally equipped for downhill skiing. Especially the safety aspects vary. When choosing a binding, it is important to remember that boot, binding and ski form a system which only functions optimally when its components are perfectly tuned to each other. The interaction between boot and binding is particularly relevant to safety.

Basic Functions

Sufficient length compensation

Sufficient length compensation for the ski is a fundamental necessity for every safety release. A consistent release based on the settings can only be assured if the binding provides compensation in every situation, even when the ski is flexed.

10 mm length compensation

Separate springs for lateral and front release

Separate and infinitely adjustable setting of lateral and frontal release

Another safety-relevant function is the separate and infinitely adjustable setting for lateral and frontal release. Without these basic functions, even checking the release settings with a standardized instrument will not provide any additional benefit.

Important additional functions

Long dynamic travel

Just as important as a reliable release when needed is the prevention of pre-release. High elasticity, i.e. long dynamic travel for the boot until it is released, combined with maximum resetting forces prevent a pre-release, also for ski touring bindings.

Dynamic travel of 13 mm for lateral release

Release of the boot from 65°

Frequently overlooked: release of the boot at the right time

With pin bindings the boot will tip forward after the release in case of a head-on fall, while still being held by the front unit. The system will ultimately release the boot in the front when the toe applies pressure to the opening lever. The release of the boot at the right time prevents chest and facial injuries.

Checking the DIN settings with a ski binding adjustment and testing device

The settings of all of Fritschi’s pin bindings can be checked with a adjustment and testing device. The important basic functions which ensure a reliable release while skiing under the dynamic effects of force are integrated in all models. With additional functions, depending on the model, the safety pin system achieves nearly the same safety standard as an alpine binding.

More information to safety functions.