Hans Christian Hocke rides the E-MTB to the ski tour easily and environmentally friendly

18th March 2021

Hans Christian Hocke is a member of the Fritschi mountain guide and athlete team. His home is in the region around Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden, and as a state-certified mountain and ski guide, he is often found climbing or ski touring in his private life as well.

For the past two years, he has been riding his E-MTB to the starting point for a ski tour on his local mountain, the Hochfelln. In this way, the snow can be reached easily and effortlessly via a forest road, especially in this age of high snow limits. But he also simply enjoys playing with the powder snow on his bike.

Photo copyright: www.rotwild.de
Photographer: Christoph Bayer

For beginners, it is very important to correctly assess the requirements and the difficulty of the ski tour. Even with an e-bike, a longer journey along a steep forest road could be strenuous, and the descent can be dangerous in icy condi-tions. It is therefore advisable to start with an easy ski tour in the beginning.auszuprobieren.

The ski touring outfits and helmets are also ideally suited for the return jour-ney by bike, possibly supplemented with thermal trousers for the descent in cold temperatures. A strong combi-nation lock with a long chain allows you to secure your valuable vehicle to a tree or fence during the ski tour.

It is also important to show consideration for each other on the bike as well as on the ski tour, paying attention to the important nature conservation aspects.

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